Why You Should Consider Professional Document Shredding Services

Although professional document shredding services are widely used, we are yet to implement the practice fully. Proper document destruction is beneficial to companies and individuals. In addition to limiting the likelihood of identity theft, professional paper shredding services can help you save a significant amount of money and time. Apart from providing secure and reliable services, paper shredding companies offer other benefits, knowledge of which might help you make the right decision.

1. Proper document destruction improves environmental sustainability

On top of enhancing security, professional paper shredding services can reduce your carbon footprint and increase sustainability. Paper shredding allows wastepaper to be used in sustainable ways. For instance, waste disposal authorities can now use shredded paper to manufacture paper towels. Because wastepaper represents around 35 percent of landfill waste, we should all practice proper document destruction, and with individuals using as much as 80 million tons of paper every year in the United States alone, we should all practice proper document shredding.

2. Shredding machines process paper in different ways

Since the first shredders used to cut paper into long, narrow strips, Iranian revolutionaries were able to reassemble sensitive documents back in 1979. Thanks to technological advancements and the need for a higher level of security, an array of paper shredders are currently available.

• Cross cutters feature two blades that rotate perpendicular to one another.
• Particle cutters produce small pieces of paper, square or circular in shape, measuring as little as 9X3mm.
• Grinders use several blades to grind paper into tiny pieces that can fall through a mesh.

You can, therefore, choose a shredder depending on your security requirements and the desired method of disposal. Professional document shredding companies usually opt for paper shredding machines that provide maximum security and efficiency.

3. Cost of buying or leasing a paper shredding machine vs. hiring a professional

Although many people believe that buying or renting a shredder is cheaper than engaging the services of a document destruction company, this argument is not factual. You may be able to learn more information at Shred-it.

• Using an internal machine to shred your documents is not as safe as hiring the services of a professional. Your employees are more likely to rip a piece of paper in two before tossing it into the garbage bin, especially if they only had the one sheet to discard. Unfortunately, this might result in the exposure of sensitive information that might compromise your security and lead to significant losses.
• It will take a professional less time to shred the same amount of paper as a team of your employees. Also, the cost of using a professional will be as little as half what you would have spent if you chose to do the shredding internally. Using a professional saves you both time and money.
• Document shredding is not only about your paper, but it also involves your soft copy data. Since your employees might not have the necessary expertise to perform proper hard drive destruction, engaging a professional is the best and most secure option.