Keeping your logistics costs at a Minimum

Many industries have witnessed a steep hike in rates over the years. However, a number of shipping companies have managed to offer their services at relatively low costs which have been reflected on reduced costs of business operations and manufacturing. It is only recently that there has been a likelihood of raised charges for freight services.
There is no way of predicting the price trends of the logistics market. Nevertheless, there are still several ways of ensuring that you don’t dig to deep in your pockets to meet the cost of running your logistics business. You need, however, to understand the reasons for the price changes in order to know how you can avoid paying more than is really necessary.Causes of Increase in freight costs

There are many reasons for hikes in the cost of freight services. They include volatile crude oil prices and reshoring, which calls for transport of raw materials for long distances to manufacturing centers. Moreover, there is the cost of hiring inexperienced drivers as more and more old hands retire. While most of the new drivers are demanding higher wages, it is the obligation of the logistics company to provide insurance cover for their drivers.

Application of Technology

Technological advancements have made a great impact on almost every industry and the logistics industry is no exception. As a business owner, there would be more good than harm in finding out the various ways in which technology can help you not only run your business efficiently but also at a low cost. Some of the benefits of using technology include accurate, fast and efficient ways of tracking goods. In addition, technology offers automation of services, especially in the process of order fulfillment, thereby eliminating the need for a large number of workers and spending of less time in the supply chain processes.


Many transportation and shipping companies use their own trucks in their business ventures. However, they have been highly successful in lowering the cost of their operations which trickle down to their clients by striking partnerships with each other. They, therefore, benefit from better efficiency while lowering the cost. For instance, a transportation company may sell the extra room in its trucks to its partner for much lower than the actual cost of shipping. While one side benefits from low costs, the other earns from the extra space which would have otherwise gone unused.Conclusion

Logistics costs will continue on an upward trend. While there will be still a need for experienced drivers, the cost of transport may go up by a large margin. There is no way of preventing the rates from rising but you can still keep them at a minimum by making use of available technology, and partnering with 3PL Links.

Image Credit: Siemens