How Planning Ahead Can Help You Save Money on Courier Services

Addressing your small business shipping needs in the most cost-effective manner is often a challenge. For interstate or cross-country shipping needs, you may compare rates charged by the largest shipping companies in the country. Courier services are typically a faster, more cost-effective solution for your local delivery needs. However, while they are more affordable than the alternative, you may still be looking for a great way to reduce this aspect of your overhead. Comparing rates is one of the most common ways to save money on courier services, but planning ahead for your delivery needs can also help you to save a small fortune. In fact, planning ahead when using courier services can help you save money in three critical ways.

Avoid Last Minute Service Requests
Courier Toronto services are calculated based on the time and distance traveled in most cases, but a surcharge may be tacked on for same-day or after-hours delivery needs. You can avoid paying a surcharge for these services when you think ahead when planning your courier needs. For example, if you know that you will need assistance from a courier tomorrow afternoon, book your courier’s time now to avoid paying more than necessary for this service.

Schedule Service When the Courier Will Be in Your Area
When you schedule courier service ahead of time and when you have some flexibility with regards to the delivery of your package, you may also save money. This is because your courier can more easily schedule the pickup and delivery during times when he or she already plans to be in those areas. Because a special trip is not needed for pickup or delivery, the courier may provide you a better rate. This is particularly true when you are working with a one-man operation.

Avoid Paying for Specialized Delivery Needs
In some cases, waiting until the last minute dictates the need to have specialized delivery instructions. For example, your courier may need to schedule a delivery around your recipient’s business hours, and this can result in additional fees being charged to you. Some couriers charge an additional fee is items are not properly packaged, and this can be avoided when you plan ahead for the use of courier services as well. By planning ahead, you give your staff ample time to package the item for delivery, and you allow the courier ample time to make the delivery.

One of the great things about using the services of a local courier is that you can expect fast delivery for your last-minute shipping needs. However, during instances when you can plan ahead and when you have greater flexibility in your timeline for pickup and delivery of the package, you may be able to save money while still enjoying fast service from a courier.